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The Singapore Cyber Security Awareness Alliance and Nanyang Technological University have joined with international partners, the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Campaign and the National Cyber Security Alliance in the United States along with infollutionZERO in South Korea, to start a global collaboration on mobile security education and awareness.

The goal of the activities is to reach out to children, families, and schools all across the world, and to provide them with core principles and simple tips that can help people of all ages enjoy safer and more secure use of digital devices and digital media, such as smart phones and the Internet.

October 29, 2013 marks the 10th year of National Cyber Security Awareness Month in the United States and the Asia Pacific Economic-Cooperation Telecommunications and Information Working Group (APEC-TEL)'s Cyber Security Awareness Day Campaign. The "International Mobile Safety Tips" below were created especially to support this campaign.

The Mobile Tips are designed as simple guidelines to aid children in using their devices more safely in daily life. The tips can be downloaded as a poster for FREE. An interactive online game is also available for free, and is a fun hands-on experience for kids to learn about various cyber issues such as online predators, game addiction and cyber-bullying.

The featured game and poster were originally created by the iZ HERO Project, which is an educational initiative that teaches children about digital citizenship and cyber-security. It was developed by Nanyang Technological University and infollutionZERO, with support from the Inter-Ministry of Cyber Wellness Committee of Singapore. An interactive iZ HERO Project exhibition was recently launched at Singapore Science Centre. In its short history, the iZ HERO Project has already received two international awards from UNESCO as one of the world’s most cutting-edge initiatives in the educational technology field.

Dr. Yuhyun Park, Director of Academic Projects at NTU and Co-Founder of infollutionZERO, said, “As mobile phone usage among children starts at increasingly younger ages, it is important to teach our children about cyber-security from an early age.”

This campaign is timely as there are growing calls worldwide for international collaborations to address the issue of cyber-security and set global standards.

Ms Shirley Wong, Co-Chair Cyber Security Awareness Alliance, said, “As infocomm becomes increasingly pervasive, it is imperative to raise the awareness and adoption of essential cyber security practices among users. Well-informed users will not only keep personal / organisation assets and information secure but will also help to improve the overall security of cyberspace.”

"By working in partnership across borders with governments and NGOs, we can come closer to our shared goal of ensuring every Internet user has the information they need to stay safer and more secure online", said Michael Kaiser, Executive Director of the US National Cyber Security Alliance.

More information about the Global Cyber Security Awareness Day, Mobile Safety Tips for children and iZ HERO Game can be found at

Mobile Safety Tips for Children

Download the Mobile Safety Tips for Children (English, A3 Size)
Download the Mobile Safety Tips for Children (Korean, A3 Size)
Download the Mobile Safety Tips for Children (Chinese, A3 Size)
Download the Mobile Safety Tips for Children (Japanese, A3 Size)

International Mobile Safety Tips

The first step is to STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Take security precautions, understand the consequences of your actions and enjoy the benefits of the Internet.

Keep a Clean Machine

Keep software current. Running the most recent versions of your mobile operating system, security software, apps and Web browsers is the best defense against malware, viruses and other online threats.

Protect Your Personal Information

Secure your device. Use a strong passcode to lock your smartphone or tablet.

Secure your accounts. Enable two-factor authentication when offered, and change passwords to any accounts you accessed while connected to an unfamiliar network.

Think before you app. Understand what information (i.e., location, your contacts, social networking profiles, etc.) the app would access and share before you download it. Always download apps from trusted sources.

Back it up. Sync your contacts, photos, videos and other mobile device data with another device or cloud service on a weekly basis.

Connect with Care

Get savvy about Wi-Fi hotspots. When using a public or unsecured wireless connection, avoid using sites and apps that require personal information like log-ins.

Disable auto-connect. Automatically connecting to networks can leave you vulnerable to hackers and others. Switch off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections when not in use.

When in doubt, throw it out. Delete any online communications (i.e., texts, emails, social media posts) that look suspicious, even if you think you know the source.

Protect your money. When banking or shopping online, use only trusted apps or websites that begin with https://.

Be a Good Online Citizen

The Golden Rule. Be respectful on your device. Treat others as you would like to be treated when texting,calling or using social networks.

Share with care. Be a true friend when taking and sharing photos and videos with your smartphone. Get permission from friends before you share them via text or social networks.

Be Web wise. Stay informed of the latest updates to your device and apps. Know what to do if something goes wrong.

Lastly, remember: Safer for me, more secure for all. What you do online has the potential to affect everyone. Practicing good online habits benefits the global digital community.

About Singapore Cyber Security Awareness Alliance:

Singapore Cyber Security Awareness Alliance is co-led by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and the Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF), with members from the public and private sectors. Established since April 2008, the Alliance amalgamates efforts from its members by bringing together different strengths and resources. The aim of the Alliance is to build a positive culture of cyber security in Singapore where infocomm security becomes second nature for all infocomm users; and promote and enhance awareness and adoption of essential infocomm security practices for the private and people sectors. Please Visit for more information on the Alliance and join us on our Facebook page at

About iZ HERO™:

iZ HERO™ is an innovative educational entertainment program that provides a safe and fun interactive experience for children to naturally learn about responsible digital citizenship. It is a research-based and research-generating program that provides an integrated multimedia learning experience, including an interactive digital exhibition at Singapore Science Centre along with an online game, web portal, and comic book. iZ HERO™ has received two international awards from UNESCO as one of the world’s most cutting-edge initiatives in the educational technology field. Please visit for more information.

About infollutionZERO:

infollutionZERO is a nonpartisan grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization based in South Korea. The principal goal of infollutionZERO is to address the challenges of “infollution” (information + pollution) such as obscene and violent contents, abusive language, sexual predators, cyber-bullies, and technology addiction besieging future generations. Please visit for more information.

About The National Cyber Security Alliance:

The National Cyber Security Alliance is a non-profit organization in the US. Through collaboration with the government, corporate, non-profit and academic sectors, the mission of the NCSA is to educate and empower a digital citizenry to use the Internet securely and safely protect themselves and the technology they use and the digital assets we all share. NCSA board members include: ADP, AT&T, Bank of America, Comcast, EMC Corporation, ESET, Facebook, Google, Intel, McAfee, Microsoft, PayPal, Leidos, Symantec, Trend Micro, Verizon and Visa. Visit for more information and join us on Facebook at

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